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Name:Crowley | AU
Birthdate:Apr 12

[Character Name] Crowley
[Canon] Supernatural (AU based on "Blind Trust")
[Point Taken from Canon] AU-Post season 5

[Age] 300+
[Gender] Male
[Sexual Orientation] Flexible

[Eye Color] Brown White
[Hair Color] Dark Brown
[Height] 5' 10"
[Other] He's blind
[Clothing] Suit and tie~

This journal is for an Alternate Universe set after season 5 in which Sam doesn’t come back, Crowley gives Bobby back his soul to begin with, and Crowley doesn’t get a chance to become King of Hell due to being captured and tortured by hunters. This torture leaves him blind and nearly powerless but, thanks to Bobby's efforts, the demon still has his life and has learned how to cope.
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